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Cemented-carbide processing: bearings, isolation sleeve

Time: 2020-06-20 13:57:37Copyfrom: Wuxi kairun cemented-carbide products factory

The characteristics of cemented-carbide processing: (1) high hardness, wear resistance and red hardness, the hardness of cemented-carbide at room temperature can reach 86 ~ 93 HRA, equivalent to 69 ~ 81 HRC. At 900 ~ 1000 °C, high hardness and excellent wear resistance can be maintained. Compared with high-speed tool steel, the cutting speed is 4 ~ 7 times higher, the service life is 5 ~ 80 times longer, the cutting hardness is up to 50HRC hard material. (2) the strength and elastic modulus are high, the compressive strength of cemented-carbide is up to 6000MPA, the elastic modulus is (4 ~ 7)105MPa, all higher than that of high speed steel. But its bending strength is low, generally 1000 ~ 3000MPA. (3) good corrosion resistance, generally good resistance to atmospheric, acid, Alkali and other corrosion, not easy oxidation. (4) small Coefficient of linear expansion, stable shape and size when working. (5) shaped products are no longer machined or reground. Because of the high hardness and Brittleness of cemented-carbides, Powder metallurgy products are no longer machined or reground after sintering, especially when further processing is required, only electric spark, wire cutting, electrolytic grinding and other electrical processing or special grinding wheel grinding. Products of a specified size, usually made of cemented-carbide, are brazed, bonded, or mechanically clamped to a tool body or die.

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