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A product expert specializing in cemented—carbide processing

Wuxi kairun cemented-carbide products factory is located in dongdachi Industrial Park,Longshan,Wuxi, China's machinery-manufacturingbase.The factory was founded in January 1999.

The factory mainly produces various specifications and shapes of cemented—carbide(Tungsten - Co carbide) products,such as  dies, valve cores, rolls, sliding bearings for pumps,mechanical seals etc.All kinds of products produced by Wuxi kairun cemented—carbide products factory are mainly used in metallurgy,machinery,light textile,chemical industry,medicine,electronics,food etc,as well as the localization of parts and components for imported equipment.WC-Co products have the characteristics of high strength,high hardness,corrosion resistance,wear resistance,low noise,long service life,safety and non-toxic.Among them, bearing sleeve and isolation sleeve for submersible pump are matched with European and American customers for a long time;the sliding bearing and mechanical seal are matched for many domestic large-scale water-pump plants for a long time;various moulds and special-shaped parts  are produced   received by the majority of users at home and abroad.Welcome more customers at home and abroad to establish business contact and technical cooperation with Wuxi kairun cemented—carbide products factory.

The factory has complete processing equipment and strong production technology force.For example,we have helped the R&D units to overcome and solve many technical problems and obtain the technical trust and recognition of the R&D units.Welcome more customers at home and abroad to establish business contact and technical cooperation with Wuxi kairun cemented—carbide products factory.

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Valve core, valve seat and draft tube bushing serial

Bearing sleeve and diaphragm sleeve for bore-hole oil-immersed pump serial

Drawing die serial

Tungsten-carbide bearing for water-pump serial

Spray drying serial

Roller serial

Blades serial

special-shaped serial

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Advantages of Wuxi kairun / Enterprise advantage

  • 01

    Refined process,ingenious technology

    Wuxi Kairun cemented-carbide products factory has been adhering to the spirit of carftsman: take seriously every Wo-Co cemented-carbide product production, dedicated corporate culture has won the trust of customers and praise.

  • 02

    Factory direct sales,timely supply,unique productivity

    Factory processing equipment, professional production technology is strong, according to each customer's market demand design, production of various types of cemented-carbide products, innovative production capacity to meet the urgent needs of the market, to fill the gaps in the market, to solve customer problems.

  • 03

    Manufacture products apply to many fields

    Production of various types of WC-Co cemented-carbide products made by Wuxi Kairun cemented-carbide products factory are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, textile, chemical, electronics, food and other industries.

  • 04

    Customer first, Excelllent service

    According to the different needs of domestic and foreign customers, the factory can timely supply all kinds of cemented carbide products for customers, and can also help domestic and foreign customers solve the technical problems of cemented carbide and produce innovative products with professional and technical strength. Customers at home and abroad can also experience the quality and after-sales service of Wuxi kairun cemented carbide products factory.

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