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    address:No.15, Longshan Eastern Dachi Industrial Park, No.1 Dachi East Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City,Jiangsu Province

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    Wuxi kairun cemented-carbide products factory is located in dongdachi Industrial Park,Longshan,Wuxi,which is located in China's machinery manufacturing base.The factory was founded in January 1999.

    The factory mainly produces various specifications and shapes of cemented—carbide(Tungsten - Co carbide)products,such as cemented—carbide dies,cemented—carbide valve cores,cemented—carbide rolls,cemented—carbide sliding bearings for pumps,mechanical seals and various shapes of cemented—carbide shaped parts.All kinds of cemented—carbide products produced by Wuxi kairun cemented—carbide products factory are mainly used in metallurgy,machinery,light textile,chemical industry,medicine,electronics,food and other industries,as well as the localization of parts and components for imported equipment.Our products have the characteristics of high strength,high hardness,corrosion resistance,wear resistance,low noise,long service life,safety and non-toxic.Among them,the cemented—carbide bearing sleeve and isolation sleeve for submersible pump are matched with European and American customers for a long time;the cemented—carbide sliding bearing and mechanical seal are matched for many domestic large-scale water pump plants for a long time;various cemented—carbide moulds are produced and manufactured And special-shaped parts are also well received by the majority of users at home and abroad.

    Our factory has complete processing equipment and strong production technology force.For example,we have cooperated with some domestic R&D units for a long time to develop and manufacture new products in the field of cemented—carbide,which has helped the R&D units to overcome and solve many technical problems and obtain the technical trust and recognition of the R&D units.

    The factory has excellent processing and testing means,and can provide all kinds of high-quality products and technical services for domestic and foreign users in a timely manner,and can design,process and manufacture various cemented—carbide products and molds according to different needs of users.Welcome more customers at home and abroad to establish business contact and technical cooperation with Wuxi kairun cemented—carbide products factory.